Accountants Melbourne -Accounting professionals are now in a position they have wanted to be in for a long time. With a lot of the manual processes that were previously actioner using desktop software now gone, being online creates a lot of efficiencies where accounting professionals can start to move away from the day-to-day numbers to the accountant’s services they and their clients have been seeking.

We now have the time to analyze the work and help clients maintain a cash flow-positive business by being a more proactive presence in their business. We can give clients the help they need with business decisions on a real-time basis.

As an accountant adopter of cloud bookkeeping programming and procedures, you’re as of now asking how you can go past bookkeeping administrations.

Here are a couple of key strides to how you can get to be quality including trusted accountants to your clients.

Take advantage of automation.

Have extra time in your day means having time to dedicate elsewhere. Think about how you will use this time to serve your clients better. By preparing answers to your customers’ most frequently asked questions, whether that be in the form of a video or a prewritten answer, you’ll be able to respond to their emails faster.

If you’ve only got some of your clients on your cloud accounting software, use the extra time to determine which of your existing customers would be a good fit for the automation this technology offers; or spend this extra time finding new prospects that would be a good fit.

Move all of your software to the cloud.


Most of you are probably using the cloud in some way, shape, or form in your firm; whether that is email, document sharing, or even your accounting software, which likely enables you to collaborate with your clients.

Think about moving all the tools you use in your practice to its virtual counterpart.

 Reassess billing structure.

At this point, tools within cloud accounting software have automation built into the ecosystem. These tools can validate data entry, automate client requests, and let you know when it is time to review work, which can ultimately speed up engagements.

With the length of time, it takes to complete these tasks reduced; it may no longer be profitable to bill based on time charges. The value you provide your client not based on the time, you spend, especially on non-value-added tasks.

Your value relies on the information you provide them – the quicker, the better. Becoming more efficient does not reduce the accountants’ expertise you bring to your client. Click here!

Remove “I don’t know” from your vernacular.

Consumers do not think of accountants as computers and do not expect you to have all the answers at the exact moment they ask. However, they do want you to be able to find the answer they need in an expedient fashion so they can make critical business decisions.

  • Don’t be scared to tell a client you need time to find the answer to their question.
  • Don’t be afraid to take on a new client for fear of not knowing the answer to the questions they might ask.

Make it known that, whatever their question may be, you will either find the answer or the resource they are looking for so they can get where they need to go. Becoming trusted accountants will not happen overnight, but by preparing yourself now, you can put yourself in the best position possible when the transition occurs. Check more with

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